I was fortunate enough to spend one incredible year working, and traveling through Australia. Of all the natural wonders, beautiful beaches and vibrant cities I visited – I fell in love with Melbourne the most. Drawn to the city’s rich street culture, I parked my backpack and called it home for most of my stay. Since returning back to Vancouver, many of my friends have embarked on similar trips to The Land Down Under. Naturally, I often get asked to recommend things to do, and places to see during the Melbourne leg of their trip.

In the past, I would always write out lengthy emails that listed must-see spots and cool restaurants. However, I soon realized I could create something that was more efficient, interesting and user-friendly. So, I created a wanderguide complete with maps, descriptions, and photographs. The guide allows for a variety of different activities at a range of costs – everything from laneways with great street art, to wine bars and open-air markets. My goal was to create something that was easy to use that could give users a “local’s” glimpse of the city. I focused on highlighting Melbourne’s downtown core, as well as some hidden gems off the beaten path.

The Melbourne Wanderguide can be used both digitally (a PDF that can be loaded onto a tablet) as well as in printed (booklet) form making it flexible and user-centric. Organized by region, the guide allows users to explore one neighborhood at a time – letting them customize their itinerary to their leisure. By focusing on some smaller, lesser- known places, the wanderguide allows users to discover hidden treasures that other guidebooks don’t reveal.
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