Wood waste currently accounts for 15% of all waste in Metro Vancouver landfills. Seed and Pallet is a company that helps combat this problem by repurposing discarded wood pallets into small-scale horticultural therapy gardens for nonprofits and community organizations. Research shows that spending time outdoors in nature has an overwhelming positive effect on our mental health and physical well-being. Offering custom gardens, D.I.Y kits, and planting workshops, the company’s mission is to connect people with nature and reinstill their sense of wonder and appreciation towards the living world.

Seed and Pallet’s brand messaging urges users to tap into the healing power of nature by encouraging them to get outside and ‘dig positive.’ The brand voice is punchy and informative. Through product education, consumers feel good knowing the product they have purchased is both environmentally responsible and good for their well-being.

photo credit: Olivia Jenkins
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