Futurists predict that by the year 2025, in vitro meat products will hit supermarket shelves all over North America. In vitro meat, or ‘cruelty-free meat’ is cultivated outside of an animal’s body and instead, in a lab using an animal’s muscle tissue and stem cell technology. This breakthrough in science will provide an incredibly sustainable and humane alternative to traditional factory farming. The Carnery is Vancouver’s first in vitro meat cultivation hub. With a production philosophy similar to an independent bakery or brewery, The Carnery produces small-batch signature offerings of in vitro meat to Vancouver’s forward thinking foodie community.

In a conscious effort to differentiate from traditional butcher shops, The Carnery’s brand identity highlights the very thing that makes in vitro meat unique: biotechnology. The colour palette nods to materials you might find in a chemistry lab; stainless steel, glass, and lab equipment. The typography is bold, and punchy, making it ideal for The Carnery’s tongue-in-cheek brand voice.
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